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Professionally Defeated

You know that exhausted, drained feeling when something bad happens and your mind is tirelessly running over it and your eyes are sore from crying about it?  That’s me, currently.  I tried talking to people who would have an understanding ear, drinking alcohol, eating ice cream, and now I am thinking about sleeping.   I…
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Sensitivity Presentation for Middle Schoolers

I’ve been swamped with work.  I just can’t seem to get ahead.  Each year as a special education teacher I feel that the paperwork and job demands increase exponentially.  It’s draining when you pair it with the physical, emotional, and mental demands of working with the kiddos.  For example, I spent this past Veteran’s Day…
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Teacher Tool: Sign Up Genius

I was introduced to a new teacher tool fav of mine a little before school let out.  I was trying to plan a way for parents to sign up to bring little goodies for my paras during teacher appreciation week (Paras don’t get the recognition they deserve.)  I knew things wouldn’t happen unless I initiated…
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Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough!!

A little humor to get teachers through the last week of school.  Schedules are off, the kids are wound up with excitement, and there is still a ton to do for teachers.  It may be a tough week, but you can get through it. My to-do list includes: 8th grade continuation ceremony, grades, IEP progress…
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Free Download: Social Thinking Packet

I own no rights or absolutely anything about Social Thinking®.  If I end up getting contacted from Social Thinking® stating that I cannot pass these free materials on to other teachers, then the materials will be taken down.  Click on the image to grab the packet.  Enjoy!  

Being a Special Educator…Did I Choose the Right Job?

For most of February I was re-evaluating my career choice.  It’s not the first time this has happened.  In 5 years of being a special education teacher, I’ve come back to the career drawing board a handful of times and more so this year . During February, my confliction was once again stirred (pretty much…
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Teacher Tool: PicMonkey

I have been using a great program for editing my pictures and creating graphics for both home and work.  I use to ask the Hubs to do it on Photoshop and InDesign, but his new job in Colorado keeps him pretty busy.  So I looked into a cheap alternative that would allow me to do…
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My Teacher Treasure: Bitstrips for Schools

First it was Farmville.  Then it was Angry Birds and Candy Crush.  Now it is Bitstrips.  You see it plastered all over Facebook.  These little 1 scene comics featuring your friends and their friends in a multitude of scenarios.  When I saw this a cool thought came to mind: I can use this to make…
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Free Download: 2 Social Thinking Wksts

  In my classroom, we are starting a social thinking curriculum for my life skills class.  We are combining Superflex with Social Thinking and Thinking About You Thinking About Me.  Three highly praised books/curriculums by Michelle Garcia Winner.  The kids are into it as am I.  It’s a fun and interesting topic.  I think it…
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My Teacher Treasure: PDF Websites

Over the summer I discovered a great website called PicMonkey.  It is pretty similar to online Photoshop/Illustrator.  I’ll write a review on this gem later on down the line.  I’m trying to get this post out before my sick bebe wakes up from his nap.  (sad momma) I’ve been using PicMonkey to create some awesome…
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