Fitness Update: 5 months After Baby #2


It’s a new year! Time to kick things into gear!

3 weeks after having baby #2, I posted about starting my postpartum fitness journey.  I was doing 21 Day Fix workouts and modified 21 Day Fix meal plans.  Since I was on maternity leave I had been able to find 30 minutes here and there while the baby napped to get in a good sweat session.  Yet, upon my return to work things changed.  I was going to the gym after work and eating clean when my milk supply dropped.  So I had to relax on my nutrition.  Then the holidays came up with so many things that had to get done, throw in the flu and we’re at the end of December without any real progress being made.  I’m not beat up about it because my family and health come first.  Yet, my little bebe is weaning herself off nursing and showing a preference for formula.  While it makes me sad as I wanted to nurse for at least 6 months, I am going to do what makes her happy.

So it’s now 18 weeks since baby #2, and I’m tightening up nutrition and using a new lifting plan.  I have decided to go with Jim Stoppani’s 12 Weeks Shortcut to Size.  Not only have I heard wonderful things about this, it is also a 4 days/week program which is much more feasible for me.  5 days a week were too much for me, and it left me feeling like a failure when I can’t live up to the goals and expectations I set for myself.  The Hubs is also motivated to get back on track.  So we are going to be particpating in’s Transform for Life challenge.  I’m not anticipating winning, but I do feel like it will help hold me accountable.  Part of the challenge is getting your starting photos and stats.  I am thinking why not share them with all of you.  I can’t wait to see where I  am in 12 weeks!

Shortcut to Size Before Collage a

Measurements (1/5/17):
Weight: 162.4 lbs
Body Fat: 24%
Left Arm: 29cm
Right Arm: 29cm
Chest Above Bust: 88cm
Chest Below Bust: 81cm
Waist: 79 cm
Hips: 98cm
Left Thigh: 59cm
Right Thigh: 58cm

For kick’s and giggles, let’s compare 18 weeks PP to 3 weeks PP….

Body After Baby 2a

Measurements (9/1/16-1/5/17):
Weight: -9.1 lbs
Body Fat: -9%
Left Arm: 0cm
Right Arm: 0cm
Chest Above Bust: -2cm
Chest Below Bust: -1cm
Waist: -5 cm
Hips: -6cm
Left Thigh: 0cm
Right Thigh: -2cm