Let’s Get Back to the (Fitness) Journey


I feel so much better physically, emotionally, and mentally after having our second baby that I don’t have to wait a year to get into shape like I did the first time around.  I gained 46 pounds during the past 10 months putting me at 196 even on the day I delivered.  This is me 3 hours before having her:



Of course I dropped some weight for the first two weeks.  One week after baby I weighed 179.0 (-17lbs), a week later I was 172.5 (-6.5. lbs), and today I’m 171.6 (about -1 lb).  Since the weight loss between week 2 and 3 wasn’t large, I believe I’ve reached the weight where I need to work to get it off. So here I am 3 weeks postpartum at 171.6 lbs.


I’ve been eating healthier since I delivered on the 10th using a combination of my knowledge from the 21 Day Fix, counting my macros, and carb cycling.  The last few days I’ve completed workouts from the 21 Day Fix.  Of course these workouts take longer than 30 minutes as I have a toddler and newborn needing my attention.  I’m also doing modified modifier exercises or substituting different ones.  For example, my core strength is pretty much nonexistent.  So I do easy yoga stretches in place of planks. I’m careful as I don’t want to push things and get hurt.  In a few weeks, my doctor will be able to tell me if my ab muscles have reconnected and clear me for more strenuous activity.

Now for the real before pictures for this journey.  Clothed pics hide all the wibbly wobbly bits, so on went the swimsuit and here is what I’m starting with:

PicMonkey Image

Starting Measurements (9/1/2016):
Weight: 171.6 lbs
Body Fat: 33%
Left Arm: 29 cm
Right Arm: 29 cm
Chest Above Bust: 90 cm
Chest Below Bust: 82 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Hips: 104 cm
Left Thigh: 59 cm
Right Thigh: 60 cm

I’m so ready to get rid of the kangaroo pouch and the sneaky cellulite that has invaded new areas like my calves.  I had no idea it could live there.  Let’s get this journey started!!