Freezer Meals for Baby’s Arrival


With 50 days until LO #2′s arrival, I have started to plan and prep freezer meals.  They were super handy to have when Little Man arrived. I know that with a toddler and newborn, cooking will be absolutely absent from my mind.  To make this process easier, I’ve decided to plan dinners that I can either double the batch or separate the batch into 2 so that I can throw some into a disposable tin pan and pop it into the freezer.  Since I’m home over the summer, I have more time and energy to actually prep dinners.  The last month of school was rough, between being busy at work and pregnant I barely cooked. The following are meals with links to the recipes (if available-if they aren’t available, I’ll create a post sharing the recipe and link later) that I’ll be prepping for after baby enjoyment.  I’ll also be writing on each tin/bag (depending on what I prep) any other ingredients I might need to buy to serve it.  For instance, on a French Dip sandwich prepped gallon baggie I’ll add to buy a french loaf and provolone cheese.  My goal is to make each meal easy to throw into the oven or dumped into a Crockpot.


Enchiladas (double)

French Dip Sandwiches (double)

Million Dollar Spaghetti (split in 2 aka 1 recipe divide into 2 tins)

Buffalo Chicken Sliders (double)

Homemade Pizza Dough (split in 2)

Bagel Dogs (split in 2)

Ranch Chicken Chili (split in 2)

Long Boy Burgers (split in 2)