Our 4th Family Member Is…

Since week 12 all I’ve been hearing are inquiries as to what gender our little one is.  At 20 weeks, it’s a pretty old thing.  We were originally going to find around 16 weeks like we did Logan, but moving and then planning our 3 year old’s birthday party gave us no free time. (Side note: where did 3 years go?  I remember holding my peanut for the first time like it was yesterday. His little-bittyness and cuddles…ahhh…shoo, pregnancy hormones…now is not the sentimental post)


We ended up just waiting for our anatomy scan which was scheduled right when we actually had the time.  Yet, told people we were having an ultrasound till after our appointment.  I’m someone that doesn’t like people knowing exactly when things are occurring because then that day and the day before is filled with texts, calls, messages, etc all about it.  I enjoy my peace and quiet, so I just told everyone a later date than we actually had.

As always, it’s exciting to see the baby on the ultrasound.  This time the little bean looks human.  I love seeing the baby kick and move around.  It’s so cute!  It was a quick scan maybe 10-15 minutes.  The ultrasound tech finished up and turned off the machine, but we hadn’t been told what the baby is-boy or girl.  After asking, the tech apologized as she started the machine back up.  We were so excited to find out!  We both had hopes on what we wanted.  Jasand really had his hopes set in one direction so much so that he wouldn’t talk about it.  He didn’t want to jinx it.  He told me afterwards that he wanted to close his eyes when the tech was scanning because he was so nervous.  Either way we are happy with whatever our baby is as long as he/she is healthy.

That night we created a little gender reveal to send to our family members.  They were all excited for us.  They were also proud to claim that they knew it all along.  I think everyone in our lives, friends, family and co-workers, all called it.  I guess this pregnancy was different than Logan’s for a reason.

it's a girl