Fit Pregnancy with a Flab Body

Dude, this 2nd pregnancy I’m a lot healthier than my 1st but you sure wouldn’t know it from just looking at me, and it’s killing me. I feel like no matter the work and effort I put into staying healthy my body is gonna do what it wants to regardless.


With my Little Man I ate Pizza Hut every Friday, McDonalds during the week, canned fruit, an ice cream carton a week and never did any exercise except walk my butt from the fridge to the couch. I gained close to 50 pounds putting me over 180 when I had him.

working out 2

*Working out pre-baby #2*

In the last 2 years I’ve focused on being healthier in general. The 21 Day Fix taught me the importance of portion control and eating clean.  I got in a habit of working out almost daily.  When I got pregnant with our Little Olive I was weighing in at 150 (12lbs heavier than pre-Little Man).  Yet, I had more muscle, better nutrition, and healthier lifestyle habits.

Honestly, the first trimester I didn’t eat well or workout because I was so completely sick. I couldn’t move.  The Hubs did everything.  It was miserable.  Second Trimester I’ve been keeping up with my workouts and eating with the 21 Day Fix guidelines & then some (pregnancy hunger is insane and insatiable at times).

working out*Working out at 18 weeks*

I’m happy with my effort and habits this pregnancy, yet I’m frustrated that I don’t look like those fit pregnant chicks on Instagram. I know I shouldn’t compare, but damn it.  How come my thighs are accumulating more and more cellulite each day?! I think I even have cellulite on my calves. WTF?!   I have fat rolls on my back by my bra straps.  My butt is deflating.  This is not the pregnancy glow I was led to believe in.

This 2nd pregnancy has a lot more weird pains and aches than I had with Little Man.  I actually have to hold my crotch at times when I walk around.  No joke.  Apparently it is actually my pubic bone that is causing me pain but I have to make my own jock strap with my hand to hold my crotch to lessen the pain.  What is that???

I’ve been literally waddling and hunching myself forward when I walk. It takes me double the time to do anything because my core and hip flexors are so sore.  I also randomly get sciatic pain that makes my leg give out on me.  I look like a Disaster Master.

All of this is worth it though.  The kicks from Little Olive are the best feeling ever!  We are so excited for her to join our family.  I’m just going to soak up this as a long opportunity for my husband to cater to my every whim and wish.

Just heads up if you are thinking of having a 2nd kid you may need to hold your own crotch for almost 9 months.