Somewhere Only We Know-Rest and Relaxation

Jace and I only had two activities planned for our trip and kept the rest of the time free to do whatever we pleased.  Much of the time was spent like such:

Not just reading…

but reading on the beach or…

in the ocean or…

over tea.

Over the week of tropical bliss I read four books all of which I recommend.

One Day-love story that reminds me of the Time Traveler’s Wife.  Do not read on your honeymoon.

Catching Fire-second in the Hunger Games series.  A great sequel!

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-excellent thriller!  The Swedish movie really followed the book (which I’ve never seen happen before).

World War Z-different way of storytelling.  Intriguing.  Jace and I both read this and think we now have a theme for a Halloween party.

There were other things to do besides reading.

 Jace and I took advantage of wind sailing and riding some aquatrikes.

No wind sailing pictures because it was a little more extreme.  I didn’t want to risk the camera’s life while we were racing through the water.

At night we would play games…

participate in the resort activities….

*I couldn’t participate, but it was entertaining to watch Jace*

enjoy a beer at the pub…

or build a fort…

There were no computers, cell phones, clocks, or TVs to distract us.  It was just relaxation!