PWS-Post Wedding Style

Many ladies do a PWC (Post Wedding Chop) of their hair because they grow it out for the wedding.  I didn’t quite want a chop.  I like my long hair.  I just needed to find a way to make it more manageable.  So I decided to do a post wedding style.  I’m a bit ashamed to say what I did because it is sooo 90s.  Zach can clue you in if you go here: ugh my hair.

Yep, my new hairstyle is not natural.  When I first got it done it looked like I barely scrunched my hair.

Waste of money.  It scrunched better before the treatment; it was also obviously not what I wanted.  Instead of taking this as a sign that I probably shouldn’t perm *shiver* my hair, I wanted to retry it.  After placing a call, they were going to redo it.  So I brought along a visual representation of what I wanted since my verbal description didn’t work the first time.

The stylist decided that my hair didn’t hold the treatment well the first time so she was going to do some extra things involving pre-treating it, a different way of rolling it (piggybacking), and  leaving it in longer.  3 hours later I walked out looking like Kenny Powers.

Instead of being furious, I found it hysterical!  It was my own damn fault for pushing it.  I sent some pictures to my family who insisted that I immediately wash it out.  I spent the whole week washing it with laundry detergent, adding conditioner, and ethnic hair products multiple times a day to relax the curl.

It worked a bit because my hair looked decent during the honeymoon.  It was easy to do.  I had a couple curly hair products from Redken that helped with the frizz and definition.

I’m used to it know.  It looks like a beachy hairstyle.  Yet, I will never do this again.  Well, I may reconsider when I’m 62 because then it is permissible.