Celebrating My Singledom!


My bachelorette party didn’t involve a stripper or crazy drinking or naughty memorabilia.  That’s not quite my style.  Instead my sister, Louiebell, and friend, Kristen, planned a classy affair in the city.  I had no idea when my party was or what we were doing until I received this cute invitation in the mail.

Adorable right?!  Unfortunately the morning of my party was super rainy.  Yet, after a tricky drive I arrived to the Drake Hotel with the weather clearing up.  I arrived a tad early, but once most of the bridesmaids were there we were seated in a beautiful tea room.

Can you see the live harpist playing on the other side of the ginormous floral arrangement?  For the following two hours we drank delicious tea and ate cute little tea bites.  It was an honest to goodness to tea party with ornate china and a variety of gourmet goodies.  You had sugar cubes and cream for your tea, and lemon curd, a fancy butter, and preserves for your bakery items.

It was a great time!  I loved it!  I was very happy because all of my bridesmaids and my groomsmaid were able to make it.

The ladies got me some great gifts, but I’ll keep those specifics to myself. ;)  Following the tea party we went to the Cheesecake Factory for drinks, dinner, and girly gabbing.  All in all it was a great day!  I had such a memorable time!  My ladies sure know me.  I love that this was off the beaten path for bachelorette parties, but it was right up my alley.  Was your bachelorette party different than the norm?